Zinc-Nickel Plating

Zinc-nickel plating is rapidly becoming the “plating process of choice” for those who need their metal parts to have exceptionally strong resistance to corrosion, wear and abrasion and therefore last longer.  The addition of the nickel to create the zinc alloy acts to provide a strong barrier to the natural processes of rust, wear and damage.

While providing a more exceptional resistance to these processes than barrel zinc plating, zinc-nickel plating is more costly than zinc plating, approximately 2 ½ times more.

Therefore, you should carefully assess the application for the metal part you need to have electroplated.  A trade-off exists between the cost effective nature of a zinc plated part and the longevity and enhanced resistance of the zinc-nickel plated part.

We have created a checklist of items to consider when selected between barrel zinc plating and zinc-nickel plating.  Access this list by clicking on this link: Zinc Plating or Zinc-Nickel Plating: Which is Right for You?

We can also help you to understand whether barrel zinc plating or zinc-nickel plating would be best for you   Please contact us, and we will discuss your project and the best plating process for you.