Zinc Electro Plating

Zinc is one of numerous metals that can be used to electroplate a finished or nearly finished metal part.  Zinc coating prevent oxidation by creating a sacrificial barrier between the metal part and the surrounding environment.  Also, a layer of zinc on the outside of a metal part provides protection against wear and abrasion.

The primary advantage of barrel zinc plating over zinc-nickel plating is cost.   Bottom line, the process of zinc electroplating is less costly than zinc-nickel electroplating, resulting in less expensive metal parts.

However, though barrel zinc electroplating does provide significant corrosion, wear and abrasion resistance, it does not provide the same level of resistance as does zinc-nickel plating.

Therefore, barrel zinc electroplating is typically the “process of choice” if you need a large quantity of parts barrel electroplated, where cost is an issue and longevity is not as important.  For example, parts used on the interior of a product or in-doors for other applications may not require the longevity that other parts might need.

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