Washing machines, dryers, refrigerators, freezers, and other household and industrial appliances have many parts which come in contact with moisture or extreme temperatures and are used for repeated operations, and are under other stresses which require that all their metal parts be electroplated.

Here the superior plating alloy is zinc-nickel. In a Salt Spray Test conducted by a NVLAP certified laboratory, testing the overall effectiveness of zinc-nickel, zinc- cobalt, and zinc- iron against corrosion the test showed that it took almost twice as long for the zinc-nickel coated part to attain red-rust, as it did for the zinc-cobalt and zinc-iron plated part. The results indicate than when resistance to corrosion is important, zinc-nickel is the coating of choice.  See Alloy Salt Spray Test Results

Wolverine Plating Corporation has decades of experience providing barrel electroplating services to the household and industrial appliance industry.  We would be glad to discuss with you your barrel zinc or zinc nickel plating needs.