Wolverine Plating Corporation has provided barrel zinc and zinc nickel plating services for the following industries:

Aerospace industry: Due to exposure to intense environmental factors and physical stresses, the needs of the aerospace industry are similar to the automotive industry. Many smaller parts require barrel plating as a mean to enhance their corrosion, wear and abrasion resistance.

Machine and Tool Industries: many smaller machine parts and tool products require barrel plating services, as a mean to improve their longevity and wear resistance.

Electrical Transmission Industry: zinc-nickel coatings of electrical transmission components have shown an increased corrosion resistance from 250 hours to over 1000 hour in Salt Spray testing. Smaller parts in electrical transmission stations and equipment are ideal for barrel zinc nickel plating.

Telecommunication industry: parts used in cell phone towers, radio towers, and other communication apparatus’ are often barrel zinc and zinc nickel plated to provide exceptional resistance to environmental and wear elements..

Defense sector: numerous applications exist for electroplated parts in vehicles, large and small weaponry, and other applications.

Lighting fixture industry: electroplated parts are used to enhance the aesthetic value of lighting and fixtures while functioning as an insulator. Zinc is commonly used to electroplate lighting fixtures.

Medical: since some metal plated parts display biocompatibility and are non-toxic, they are ideal for medical applications such as prosthetics and orthodontics. Additionally, parts is medical and diagnostic equipment are often electroplated

Furniture industry: furniture manufacturers depend on electroplated parts to provide strength, agility and longevity to the pieces they manufacture.

HVAC industry: since parts used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment are typically required to perform repetitive operations for long periods of time, electroplating of these parts is critical. Both zinc and zinc-nickel coatings are commonly used.

Hydraulics industry: since corrosion of parts is common in hydraulic pumps, motors, cylinders, and other hydraulic equipment, electroplating of these parts is common. The hydraulics industry needs electroplated parts, many of which are smaller parts that are best produced by barrel plating processes.

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