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    Tin-Zinc Plating
    While tin-zinc plating has been around since the 1940’s, the demand for tin-zinc coating has been on the rise over the past thirty years as people discover its engineering properties and the superior corrosion resistance it provides in a variety of environments and applications.
    Typically, tin-zinc alloys contain 70-90% Tin, with the balance being Zinc.  While tin-zinc alloy plating has typically been related to baths of cyanide-based electrolytes, new technologies offer baths that are neutral and cyanide free.  According to Product Finishing Magazine, the corrosion resistance of tin-zinc plating typically equals or exceeds that of zinc-nickel alloys.

    Tin-Zinc Plating: Extreme Corrosion Resistance
    Tin-zinc plating is the best alternative to cadmium plating.  Tin-zinc offers extreme corrosion resistance because the Tin acts as a barrier coating to protect the base metal, while the Zinc works galvanically to further delay corrosion.

    Tin-Zinc Plating: Excellent Solderability
    Additionally, tin-zinc platings offer great solderability due to the fact that most solders are primarily tin.  When tin-zinc parts are soldered, the result is a superior metallurgical bond.  The finish is useful for fasteners that will be used for electrical grounding or when good electrical conductivity is required.

    Other Advantages of Tin-Zinc Plating
    The Tin Research Institute reports that tin-zinc alloys provide the following mechanical and physical advantages:

    • Excellent solderability even after long periods of time in storage
    • High corrosion resistance
    • Superior ductility that allows for secondary bending and crimping while maintaining high corrosion resistance
    • Excellent lubricity
    • Demonstrates outstanding resistance to sulfur enhanced atmospheres
    • High resistance to salt and acidic environments

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