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    With people wanting to keep their trucks, SUV’s and automobiles longer and longer, the need to manufacture and maintain these vehicles with corrosion, abrasion and wear resistant parts is greater than ever. 

    Additionally, as the automobile and automobile supplier industry continues to change, the need to establish strong working relationships between metal plating companies and the automobile and automobile supplier industry is growing.

    Wolverine Plating Corporation has worked “hand-in-hand” with the automobile industry since its inception in 1956.  As a GM, Ford and Chrysler approved plating service provider, Wolverine Plating Corporation provides zinc and zinc nickel barrel plating to these companies, as well as to parts suppliers to these companies.


    Recently automakers and automobile suppliers have shown greater interest in zinc-nickel plating, given its excellent “longevity to cost” ratio.  See Alloy Salt Spray Test Results.  While costing more than zinc plating, for those who need their metal parts to have longer-term resistance to corrosion, wear and abrasion, zinc-nickel plating may be the best choice. See Barrel Zinc Nickel Plating

    If you are not sure whether zinc or zinc-nickel plating is best for your needs, please contact Wolverine Plating Corporation.  We will be happy to assist you consider” the options in selecting the coating that is best for you.  Link to Contact Us Page



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