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    As a business that produces metal parts for a specific industry, in many cases, you need your part to display one or many of the following characteristics:

    • Enhanced resistance to corrosion, to add longevity to the part you produce
    • Improved abrasion and wear resistance, especially when the part is used in a repetitive or high-impact process
    • Improved lubricity, for parts used in machines or other applications
    • Enhancement of paint adhesion, making the part easier to coat
    • Building up thickness on undersized parts, to make the part a better “fit”
    • Improved electrical insulation/ conductivity of the part, when use in electrical applications is a critical issue
    • Enhanced aesthetic/ decorative qualities
    • The hexavalent Chrome-free to comply with ELV regulations and RoHS


    Wolverine Plating Corporation has been providing barrel zinc and zinc-nickel plating services to a variety of industries since 1956.  The industries that we currently service include:

    Automotive and the Automotive Supplier Industry
    Fastener Industry
    Consumer and Industrial Appliance Industry
    Construction Industry
    Other Industries

    • Aerospace industry
    • Machine and Tool Industries
    • Electrical Transmission Industry
    • Telecommunication industry
    • Defense sector
    • Lighting Fixture Industry
    • Medical Industry
    • Furniture Manufacturing
    • HVAC Industry
    • Hydraulics Industry



Learn more about why our Zinc (Zn) or Zinc-Nickel (ZnNi) coating could be right for your application.


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